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The Infamous Grandpa Dance


The final reward that was sent out to our wonderful Charlie & His Imaginary Friend Kickstarter supporters was a very private and privileged reward indeed.

It was a first-look at one of the earliest treasures shared in the friendship between Ps&Qs founders P and Q: The Infamous Grandpa Dance.

The dance, in all of its grandpa-y-ness-ism…, tells the story of a friendship rooted in love that blossomed into pure dislike and is entirely wrapped in insanity.

Now that the Charlie campaign has ended, we can share it with you. Enjoy. And don’t judge. We don’t judge here. Judgment-free zone, folks.

The Grandpa Dance from Ps&Qs on Vimeo.

Posted on April 15, 2013 in Current Events, Kickstarter

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