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Charlie & His Imaginary Friend published By Ps&Qs

Charlie and His Imaginary Friend

is a children’s book that not only encourages the use of the imagination but portrays a minority child character giving children of ethnic backgrounds a chance to relate even more to the main character.

Details: 8×8 inches, 40 glossy pages, Full color Hardcover book Ages 4-6


The Founders – Who are these guys?

What can we say? We are both thirty-somethings who were born and raised in the Bronx, New York. We’ve known each other for more than eight years. As great friends, we decided to join our respective skills to create myriad of wonderful goodies for the world.

The Company – What is Ps&Qs Inc.?

The first goodie, Ps&Qs — which stands for Pope’s & Qimmah’s and was named to represent the checks & balances of our friendship — is a company we established with the intent of contributing diversity to children’s books. The world is vast and there are soooo many stories to be told; far too many for all of the characters to look the same. We like to say that we are coloring books, one story at a time, to reflect the beautiful color spectrum of humanity.

What’s New?

We gained our first self-publishing success with our debut hardcover, Charlie & His Imaginary Friend. After creating the book, we started a Kickstarter campaign to fund its production, and we were blown away by the outpour of support, love and encouragement. Not only did we reach our goal, we surpassed it! Charlie came to life (psssst! The book’s on-sale on this site!) and we intend to keep going!

Meet the Team

Qimmah Saafir

The Writer

Fashionista. Lover of Pizza, Books & Great Coffee.

Pope Phoenix

The Illustrator

Geek. Gamer. Purveyor of Corny Jokes & Fly Sneakers.